Cannabis Industry: Commercial Cultivation Business Plan


Today, the cannabis industry is thriving in the U.S., with over 50 percent of states opting to legalize or decriminalize some form of marijuana. Generally, people tend to think of dispensaries and growing operations; we’ve written a guide to starting your own dispensary here. But if you’ve ever wondered how to start a grow op, then this article will help you get started.

To design a growing operation plan, you’ll need motivation, time, and resources. First, you must apply for a license to grow cannabis in your state. Each state’s application is slightly different, so be sure to read your state’s website first. Once you understand all of the requirements, you’re ready to start by:

Consulting a California lawyer

You’ll need a lawyer to help you navigate the laws associated with opening a cannabis business. Since federal and state laws will be involved, it’s important to find a lawyer that you trust to help you understand the differences. Keep in mind that marijuana remains federally illegal; don’t get yourself in trouble on a federal level by trying to take shortcuts at the state level. Having trouble finding legal assistance? The National Organization for Reforming Marijuana Laws (NORML) has a database of cannabis lawyers in the U.S.

Learning about the application process

In order to get your cannabis license, you’ll need to submit an application to a state program overseen by the state’s public health department. For example, in California, your application goes to the Department of Cannabis Control ( You can usually find the application on this program’s website. After you submit it, your application will be graded or rated based on the state’s criteria. Competition is fierce, so you’ll want to make sure that your final product is as polished as possible. If you can manage it, consider hiring a master editor and a director to proofread your application and make it cohesive.

a winning commercial grow facility contractor/builder

At D.P. Diaz Construction, LLC. we have experience building for an array of industries and building types. We specialize in commercial and Industrial refrigeration facilities, large cultivation facilities and other large scale industrial buildings. Our team of professionals can help plan, manage and build your commercial construction project from start to finish. Our Project Managers are dedicated and will deliver your project on-time within the agreed upon price. No surprises, except when you experience the quality services we provide. Contact us today!

your development team

Your team could be the deciding factor between your application and someone else’s. States want to see a team made up of high quality individuals – people who will serve the community once your business is up and running. Some people you may want to consider hiring are:

  • Doctors, especially if you are growing medical marijuana
  • Our DPDiaz Contracting/Engineering Services will help you design/build your growing operation
  • Horticulturists, to help you plant, grow, and clone cannabis
  • Administrators with marijuana growing experience, to lead your team
  • Managers with security experience, to protect your assets
  • Managers with operational, zoning, and/or financial experience in medical marijuana, to fill in your gaps of knowledge

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