2020 Cannabis Construction Industry: Security, Pharmaceutical Compliance and Retail Aesthetics

Cannabis Construction

2020 Cannabis Construction Industry, balancing Security, Pharmaceutical Compliance and High-end Retail Aesthetics

Legal medical and recreational cannabis is a fairly new industry in California which there’s a growing demand for customized cultivation facilities and cultivation facility construction services. This years recreational cannabis sales in California is on track to post a record $3.1 billion in licensed cannabis sales. These sales figures equal BIG opportunity both for cannabis companies and for cannabis grow experts in design and building special-purpose grow facilities for the cannabis industry’s stringent government regulations and experience-driven customers.

David Diaz, a Commercial Contractor at D.P. DIAZ Construction Inc., specializes in Cannabis Facility Construction (Orange County, CA) has been managed the construction of many cultivation facilities, processing centers and dispensary construction projects throughout Southern California since 2015. David Diaz is leading renovation projects that offer California more than 35,000 new square feet of cannabis cultivation areas and dispensaries designed and built custom for the specific needs of recreational cannabis customer.

“Becoming a recreational cannabis users’ preferred dispensary, new cannabis license holders must make both industry compliance and customers in their facility design, a top priority” David observes. The design/build process must support both core objectives…

Prioritize compliance or suffer the consequences. Maintaining product supply and operational retail sales, hire a commercial cultivation facility contractor who will stick to strict protocols and carefully follow local (Orange County, CA) building codes related to the handling, storage and distribution of cannabis throughout the supply-chain. Product commoditization and restricted in-state California cannabis sourcing leads to stiff competition between dispensaries and which is good factor for a new thriving industry.

“To meet the 2020 demands, Cannabis companies need to offer the bank type security, compliance of a pharmaceutical company, bundled with the aesthetics of a high-end retailer,” said David. “Design with customer experience in-mind, create welcoming, clean and clear sales environments that comply with local city, state and federal regulations, this is where dispensaries will find true opportunity to differentiate their brand from the competition.

For 5 years, D.P. DIAZ Construction has worked with numerous starting cannabis companies, which are embracing these seemingly competing objectives into one complete cohesive customer experience.

“Partnering with D.P. Diaz Construction, we connect the commercial design/build process with the customer experience and compliance objectives in-mind,” said David. “Together, we’ll quickly and efficiently identify and solved potential issues early on in the planning/design/build construction processes, so that our build-outs are giving our customers the sales, security, edge the need in this competitive arena.”

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